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    Dear Brides-to-be !!!!
     It is a pleasure to be working with you to pick out your perfect Wedding Gown. This is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life and we want to make sure it is perfect. You have already spent many months researching online and looking through magazines.
    Now, it is finally time to purchase the perfect dress. However, before you make your purchase, we realize you have one more question. Why us?
    @ Sparkles Wedding Gowns ✨we are a full service store with an expert bridal consultant team, various silhouettes, hundreds of samples in various sizes to try-on from a wide range of Wedding Gowns, each with their own characteristics.
     Second, we offer a 90 minute appointment for your Bridal visit where you will receive consultation time to determine your particular style.
     Third, the price you pay for your gown includes proper measuring, ordering, receiving, quality checking, and an initial steaming and the time assisting you during your try-on fitting.
     Fourth, once we receive your dress, we offer our own in-house alterations expertise to customize, add special details, bustling, temporary storage, and final fitting.
     Fifth, we offer a one stop shop where you can also find headpieces, veils, jewellery & shoes and dresses for your bridesmaids, mothers and flower girls.
     Finally, after your wedding, we can assist you in preserving your gown by offering a gown preservation kit.
     While these services are inclusive of your Gown cost, you will find our services are the best value in the area.
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